Speed Retouching Videos


HDR Panorama in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

In this speed retouch video I'm revealing my so far biggest secret, how I assemble and HDR panorama, fix distortion, clone in missing areas, remove spots, blur water and remove distracting objects from the image. I apologise for inconveniences caused by Macbook Pro on which I edited the image, as the scratch disk filled up very quickly processing the file size of 1,25 GB. 2 hours in real time, speeded up by 8x to shorten the video to 14 minutes.

Complex Portrait Retouching

Here I am showcasing how I remove fly-aways, retouch the skin using frequency separation, dodge & burn and complex cloning. Apart from basic light bouncing in Lightroom I finalise the image with color grading in Photoshop. In real time, I spent 1 hour and 50 minutes on it. It has been speeded up by 8x to shrink it into the time window of approximately 13 minutes.

Basic Portrait Retouching

Basic retouching techniques. It is the least detailed and hence cheapest retouching offered by me. Changing small details and adding them up to influence the look of the entire image. That is the difference between just applying a filter and real photo post-production. Profesional color grading and basic cloning. The video has been speeded up by 8x. In real-time it took me about 20 minutes.