New bike, new chapter | Bergamont Grandurance RD 5

Over the last years, I travelled a lot. Within 4 years I visited 25 countries. This year though, things changed for a while: I became a full-time freelance photographer. Hence, I care more about my business and also have to be available if business opportunities pop up. To get a break from all those emails, I really appreciate every minute I’m not starring into a screen spending my time outside. Combining the desire to see new places, to do sports and still not being away for many days from my business location, I started bike touring through the beautiful surrounding area of Middle-Franconia around Nuremberg.

I drove many times to Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz, Lauf a.d. Pegnitz, Roth, Walberla, Forchheim, Erlangen and many other places. Just recently, my old bike broke down. (I have it for over 10 years now). Instead of reparing and upgrading my bike with splashguards, hub dynamo, front and rear lights, gearing and brakes, I decided to buy an entirely new bike, that fits my needs for high speeds, off-road touring, usability and safety. I searched for a bike that enabled to practice for long distance rides and has already a panier rack, I can attach my Vaude waterproof bags to. That way, I can also safely transport all my photo gear to bigger photo assignments, as I still do not want to own a car. In the end, my best friend (who is a huge bike enthusiast), recommended me the Bergamont Grandurance RD 5. This bikes is redefining the meaning of "street”. Countless smart detail solutions and tyre clearance of up to 37 mm transform the all-road machines from highend carbon road racers into purebred gravel racers or even full-fledged cyclocrossers. For adventurers and globetrotters: The integrated attachment options make the GRANDURANCE the perfect travel companion. The tried and tested carbon platform was enhanced with two aluminium variants with the same features. All models include an optional insert, which ensures perfect form closure in the fork area despite the most diverse tyre dimensions. The fractal, avant-garde design makes the GRANDURANCE a real eye-catcher and completely unique. Your daily companion for all riding conditions, with lighting system & carrier Easy to use dynamo hub - unobtrusive rear light Enjoyable geometry to turn one's back on the traffic jam Attention! No excuses for bad weather anymore - new fender set Discbrakes for additional safety. The bike also goes along very well with my blue company branding.

So yesterday, I went for a first ride and I thought it would take me longer to get a custom to the new racing handle bar. Surprisingly, after a short while I got really used to it and really enjoyed the pilot-like feeling of steering my “shuttle” in a “cockpit.” It was a fantastic feeling! Yesterday was the perfect day for this test ride, since the sunset was so stunning that I decided to turn around and ride back, just to be able to see and fully enjoy the gorgeous scenery aflame. I did not have my camera with me, but my iPhone did the job to capture some of yesterday’s tour destinations and stops.

Goetheanum | Dornach | Switzerland - Anthroposophic architecture [DE/EN]

[EN] An architectural photo series of the Goetheanum building in Dornach, Switzerland.

The Goetheanum is the world center for the anthroposophical movement. The building was designed by Rudolf Steiner and named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It includes two performance halls with 1500 seats, a gallery and lecture spaces, a library, a bookstore, and administrative spaces for the Anthroposophical Society.

Both the present Goetheanum building and its precursor building are widely cited regarded as masterpieces of modern architecture. Steiner's architecture is characterized by a liberation from traditional architectural norms and constraints, especially through the avoidance of right-angles in his entire building scheme. The first Goetheanum, built of wood, was destroyed by arson during the night of January 1st, 1923; To avoid such events from happening again, he built the second Goetheanum entirely from concrete to achieve sculptural shapes on an architectural scale. The use of concrete to achieve organically expressive forms was an innovation for the times; in both buildings, Steiner’s intension was to create forms that were spiritually expressive.

[DE] Eine architekturfotografische Serie des Goetheanum Gebäudes in Dornach, Schweiz.

Das Goetheanum ist ein Gebäude in Dornach im Kanton Solothurn, rund zehn Kilometer südlich von Basel. Es dient als Sitz und Tagungsort der Allgemeinen Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft und der Freien Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft und auch als Festspielhaus und Theaterbau. Benannt ist es nach Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Nachdem in der Nacht zum 1. Januar 1923 das ebenfalls als Goetheanum bezeichnete Vorgängergebäude durch Brandstiftung zerstört worden war, entstand auf dem gleichen Bauplatz in den Jahren 1925 bis 1928 der heute bestehende Bau.

Beide Entwürfe stammen vom Esoteriker Rudolf Steiner, dem Begründer der Anthroposophie. An dem monumentalen Sichtbetonbau mit weit gespanntem Dach ist der weitgehende Verzicht auf rechte Winkel auffällig. Das stilistisch oft dem Expressionismus zugerechnete monolithisch-organische Bauwerk wirkt skulptural geformt und sollte nach Steiners Vorstellung „das Wesen organischen Gestaltens“ zum Ausdruck bringen. Zusammen mit anderen stilistisch ähnlichen Bauten in der näheren Umgebung bildet das seit 1993 unter Denkmalschutz stehende Goetheanum ein Ensemble, das zu den Kulturgütern von nationaler Bedeutung im Kanton Solothurn zählt. Als grundlegendes bauliches Vorbild hat das Goetheanum zudem Impulse für die gesamte anthroposophische Architektur gegeben, zu denen beispielsweise die Gebäude vieler Waldorfschulen zählen.


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