The Monastery of Petra - Behind the scenes - A travel story.

Today I'm writing to you, to just show you how surprisingly funny travelling alone can be.
Since I changed my photography style a few months ago and tried to implement more human elements into my frames, I was a bit afraid to not have any girl in the frame while traveling alone. So most of the time, I stood in the frame and triggered it myself remotely. But as we can see, I also found girls to pose for me, even strangers I did not know before.

This picture has been taken deep in the valleys of Jordan's desert, in front of the Monastery of Petra. The back story of this image starts one day before the actual shot, when I went the evening before to "Petra by night". There, I met a French couple asking me about my photographs I was taking during the event. So we chatted a bit were hoping to bump into each other again the next day. And in fact we did, in the very end of the valley. I was just searching shelter in the shadow until I heard someone pronouncing my name with a cute French accent: "Matthias, c'est toi?"
And yes, c'était moi! So we started to chat again. That was really a funny coincidence! And obviously - as a photographer - I spotted her outfit which was perfectly matching the environment of Petra. So I asked her (and of course her boyfriend) for a short picture session.
I was really happy about the image I captured, as it is an unposed moment, but still very dynamic, harmonic and female. After the short photo session, I gave her boyfriend my business card with my website and contact information. But since then, I had not heard of them again, although I wanted to show them how popular my picture became on the official channel of @visitjordan on Instagram. And now, finally after 3 months, he finally messaged me and sent me over those nice images of me in action. Once again, open your heart, engage with people and you will have so many great experiences and will never be alone while traveling alone! (And even capture portfolio shots) ;)

Merci beaucoup, Alex!

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