LUX - Junge Kirche Nürnberg | Young Church Nuremberg | Germany - The architecture of Nuremberg - Part 3

Continuing my project the Architecture of Nuremberg [Part 1 | Part 2] (Die Architektur von Nürnberg), this time I really found a very special property, the LUX church. It is the most modern church I have ever seen and set a foot into. When I posted my behind the scenes footage in my Instagram story, several people commented: “It looks like a bar” or “is there beer on tap?”. So definitely, it is surprising how modern churches can be. Especially protestant congregations are known for being a bit more casual and searching new ways to win back a younger clientele that does not only come to church to get married and never show up again. I have grown up in a very Christian environment. Nowadays, I don’t think I really believe in god or anything. Anyway, I still think that this modern architecture and very loose atmosphere can definitely attract a younger audience.

This church definitely is a pioneer project, as the LUX Junge Kirche the first church for teenagers and young adults in whole Bavaria. After a two-years renovation it opened its gates in 2009. I am actually really surprised that such a modern protestant church can be found in Bavaria, the county of old-fashioned and conservative catholics! Such a pleasure to see this fresh and futuristic architecture and design!

Photos by Matthias Dengler #matthiasdengler #snapshopped - Architektur Fotograf in Nürnberg

Still, I have to photograph the exterior, but my first priority are shootings for my clients of course. So after the completion of my assignments, I’m going to continue this shoot. So stay tuned! And for sure, check out my Instagram for more imagery and behind the scenes footage in my stories.


LOFT | Gdansk

Here are the pictures of the last project I've worked on for the Bar in the center of Gdansk called LOFT. Its appearance comes around folksy, not highly polished. It's rather an artistic place, offering a lot of space offering seats on randomly assembled furniture such as colorful wooden chairs, traditional bar chairs along the spacious and very well differentiated bar. In contrast to that rustic style, you can also sit down and relax on big wild leather sofas along big luminiferous windows. All in all LOFT is a place for drinks at night together with your friends who prefer an artistic casual ambiance over a posh bar sparkling on every surface and corner. 

Design by Gleb Pustovgarov, Michał Pecko, Ewelina Jaszkowska, 2011