Bolder Climbing Session

New country, new people, new friends, new challenges. 
Recently, I've met my new Norwegian friends during an overnight stay at Preikestolen, the Pulpit Rock in the Lysefjord. They own & work at a climbing hall and work as well on another start-up project, which still has to kept as a secret. Long story short: My mission is to take pictures for their brand and as office decoration. So I'm just creating a picture pool, we can choose from in the end of my stay in Norway. My new challenge this time was, to take sport pictures in a climbing hall in a bad lighting situation. So of course, I had to higher the ISO which led to more grain and less sharpness of the pictures. The vision was, to create a rough sports look. It was my first try. Check out the result below and be sure to drop me a comment with your ideas and thoughts about it.