Urban sports with Charlotte.

Recently, I work out quite a lot. But not in a gym or with stretching or weightlifting exercises. I basically try to do sports everyday as a mixture of biking, running, swimming, skating, badminton and tennis. Hence, it’s no surprise, I identify myself with sports quite much. And as it happens very often in the life of a photographer, your work gets influenced by your personal interests and changes along with them over time.

As a consequence, I’ve recently started to transition from portraiture into a more commercial / editorial direction as my personal projects (besides other architectural projects) to improve my photography and broaden my photographic range. So here, is my first "commercial" sports shooting with an athlete from Regensburg, Germany. She had no previous model experience. Still, she did not need much of my convincement to come all the way from Regensburg, a city 1,5 hours away from Nuremberg, to have this shoot with me. And I have to say, she exceeded my expectations by far!

Model: https://www.instagram.com/charlie.s.fitlife/
Photography: https://www.instagram.com/matthias.dengler
Retouching: https://www.instagram.com/matthias.dengler
Clothing: https://de.gymshark.com/

-Photos by Matthias Dengler #matthiasdengler #snapshopped #nürnberg #sports #editorial #commercial #gymshark

Find the whole series as well on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/81901109/Urban-sports