Personal Project: The Architecture of Nuremberg - Part 2 - Schauspiel

And here we go with Part II of my project. The theatre of Nuremberg:

This theatre is one of four Bavarian state theatres and shows operas, plays, ballets and concerts. Until 1 January 2005, it was the Städtische Bühnen Nürnberg (municipal stages). In 2010, the almost vitreous annex has been added. That gave the very classic Romantic building style new nuances of modernity due to its simplistic cubistic shape. Illuminated at night, it illuminates the entire square around it and floods with tons of light.

In this photographic series, I focussed mainly on the clear lines that have been used, to clearly separate all elements from each other. Of course, to see the theatre illuminated from the inside, I had to catch a day of an event. And just to give you the full insight, here the translations of all German words and texts depicted below.

Schauspiel - playhouse
Lachen, Lärmen und immer irgendwelche Liebesgeschichten - Laughing, bluster and always any love stories.

Personal Project: The Architecture of Nuremberg - Part 1 - Merianforum

As photographers, we are easily drawn towards mesmerising landscapes, minimalistic architecture, beautiful design products and pretty faces and bodies. Over the last couple of years, I have travelled to 25 countries on four continents to capture the most beautiful and exotic places, in order to add them to a well-diversified portfolio. Most professional and aspiring photographers’ portfolios should show to a certain extent their dedication to travel to remote places or to go the extra mile at least. That has worked out very well so far for me.

Now, as I want to grow my business to become a successful commercial photographer, I have to diversify my portfolio by adding a different kind of pictures to my portfolio: Commercial pictures - pretty pictures of ordinary things. It is fairly “easy” for a photographer to make beautiful places and things look even more beautiful. The real challenge is, to make those things look nice that look fairly ordinary and that your clients want you to photograph. Of course, I’m striving for high-paying clients with a big reputation, bu you have to start small and work your way up.

Long story short, I’ve started to capture very ordinary architecture in Nuremberg in a compelling way.
Here are the the pictures of the Merian Forum, in North Eastern Nuremberg.

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